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Three-bedroom apartment, Lease, Nitra - Janka Kráľa

Lease, three-bedroom apartment, 62 m2

Nitra, Janka Kráľa 500.00 EUR/month

Two-bedroom apartment, Sale, Nitra - Kmeťova - Klokočina

Sale, two-bedroom apartment, 55 m2

Nitra, Kmeťova 77 000.00 EUR

One-bedroom apartment, Sale, Nitra - Považská

Sale, one-bedroom apartment

Nitra, Považská 71 000.00 EUR

Three-bedroom apartment, Sale, Nitra - Jurkovičova

Sale, three-bedroom apartment, 80 m2

Nitra, Jurkovičova 124 990.00 EUR

Two-bedroom apartment, Lease, Topoľčany - Škultétyho - centrum

Lease, two-bedroom apartment, 84.35 m2

Topoľčany, Škultétyho 485.00 EUR/month

Three-bedroom apartment, Lease, Nitra - Rázusova

Lease, three-bedroom apartment, 76 m2

Nitra, Rázusova 1 000.00 EUR/month

Two-bedroom apartment, Lease, Vráble

Lease, two-bedroom apartment, 55 m2

Vráble 480.00 EUR/month

Two-bedroom apartment, Lease, Nové Zámky

Lease, two-bedroom apartment, 63 m2

Nové Zámky 400.00 EUR/month

Two-bedroom apartment, Lease, Nitra - Južná

Lease, two-bedroom apartment, 45 m2

Nitra, Južná 480.00 EUR/month

Obrázok nie je k dispozícii

Sale, bedsitting room apartment, 20 m2

Komárno 26 500.00 EUR

Two-bedroom apartment, Lease, Komárno

Lease, two-bedroom apartment, 61 m2

Komárno 300.00 EUR/month

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